How We Work

Thane Commercial Pty Ltd takes its name from the thanes of medieval England, who were trusted retainers to the king. We are equally committed to helping businesses of all sizes across Victoria and South Australia to make the most of their working capital.

Thane Commercial’s founder Neil Tunstall has 25 years of experience working closely with businesses and financiers to create flexible cash flow strategies. We are specialists in Debtor Finance and trade finance, and work with a wide network of financial partners to match your unique needs to trusted lenders.

Why choose us?

Unlike dealing with an accountant or bank, our personalised approach to business finance management is not limited to fully secured working capital finance, giving our clients greater flexibility. We look closely at every aspect of a client’s supply chain when devising solutions, and we are always happy to explore alternative options.

Our vision

We believe that every business should have access to impartial expertise when choosing flexible options for their working capital. We concentrate on the big picture when creating business finance strategies that will benefit our clients in the long term and encourage growth.

Call us to find out more about flexible business finance in Adelaide and Victoria.

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Start to utilise your Debtors and streamline your cashflow

What our Businesses Say

Thane Commercial has been an integral business partner in our business over the last few years. They have been able to source innovative working capital products and solutions to assist our busines...

Joe Tresckitta

What’s in a name?

In anglo-saxon England a Thane was a retainer to the King, he held and looked after land and assets for the King. Cash is King in business so at Thane we look after the King and make your cashflow our business"

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