Our Services

At Thane Commercial Pty Ltd, we take the hassle and uncertainty out of business finance. We offer a tailored service to SMEs state-wide in Victoria and South Australia to help you manage your working capital and finance your growth.

We are specialists in Debtor Finance and other business finance strategies and work with a number of providers to ensure the right match for our clients. Because we are 100% independent, we can discuss a full range of options and make recommendations for cash flow strategies that will support your business and help you achieve your goals.

We offer:

  • Debtor Finance
  • Receivables finance
  • Factoring
  • Export factoring
  • Single invoice finance
  • Trade finance
  • Progress claim Debtor Finance

How we can help your business

Thane Commercial considers our clients’ full supply chains, from purchase orders to payment, to create working capital strategies that meet your needs now and as your business grows. We only recommend financiers when we are certain they match your requirements, so you won’t need to deal with a number of different providers. We also act as a business partner or advocate for your company when dealing with existing finance providers.

Speak to our specialists to discuss independent cash flow solutions in Adelaide or Melbourne.

Finding a solution doesn't need to be like finding a needle in a haystack

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It's your money Ralph

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Start to utilise your Debtors and streamline your cashflow

What our Businesses Say

Thane Commercial has been an integral business partner in our business over the last few years. They have been able to source innovative working capital products and solutions to assist our busines...

Joe Tresckitta

What’s in a name?

In anglo-saxon England a Thane was a retainer to the King, he held and looked after land and assets for the King. Cash is King in business so at Thane we look after the King and make your cashflow our business"

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